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Wireless Network Optimisation

Slow WIFI is frustrating. We can make IT better! Lets Talk Wireless Network Optimisation

Wireless devices are a mainstay of happy homes, and a critical productivity tool in the workplace.

In the connected world: Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Printers, Smart TV’s Games consoles and a myriad of other devices are dependent on a reliable WIFI connection.

Common WIFI problems such as: dead spots, poor signal, buffering, dropouts, disconnects, and slow performance quickly turn a Wireless Network to a frustrating NOT WORK. 

It is time to end the suffering. If you have WIFI problems we can help create a more reliable, less frustrating, wireless experience for your home or small business. And ensure the best coverage in the areas you need it most.

Factors Impacting Wireless Networks

Many factors impact your wireless network performance including:   

  • old/bad/faulty hardware
  • modem/router configuration
  • channel congestion
  • bottlenecks – due to the number of devices, or type / amount of traffic (i.e. video streaming)
  • environmental factors and building construction.

WIFI Network Assessment

A WIFI assessment helps us determine the factors impacting your network, and propose the right solution for you.

Sometimes we can fix your WIFI right then and there with a few configuration change. Other times it may may require a some new hardware to give you a better, more reliable Wireless Network.  

Depending on the size of your home, and other factors, a Wireless Assessment takes approximately 60-90 minutes

If you have WIFI problems, Excalibur IT has the Solutions – So Talk to us today!