Windows 7: The End of The Road


It’s the end of an era as Microsoft finally lowered the support curtain on Windows 7, from January 14 2020.  

As Operating Systems go, Windows 7 had a very good innings notching up 11 years of service but the baton has now been handed to Windows 10.

Still Running Windows 7​ – What does this mean?

The world is not going to end just because the OS has past its expiry date, and your computer will still work (for now), however it is important to note that there will be no new security updates which means that over time the risk of running Windows 7 will increase.  Hostile agents like to target known vulnerabilities in older Operating Systems so if you continue with Windows 7 beyond the expiry date, you are at an increased risk of security problems such as viruses, malware, spyware etc​.  You also run the risk that software / hardware vendors may stop supporting Windows 7 after a period of time which means that future versions of programs, applications, and / or games may no longer work, and computer hardware and / peripherals such as graphics cards, printers etc may no longer be compatible.

Do I need a new computer?

​Not necessarily.  As a general rule of thumb a machine capable of running Windows 7, (or Windows 8) can run Windows 10 – though there may be exceptions. And there may be some older legacy applications, hardware and peripherals that have some compatibility issues now or in the future.

Before Upgrading

​If you’re considering attempting the update yourself then please take sensible precautions.  Whilst it is generally quite a painless process, before you begin, we recommend that you backup your system to ensure all your critical files are safe in case something goes wrong.  Also make sure your drivers are up to date and that there are no undiagnosed hardware issues with your computer.  

If you are not confident, or don’t know where to begin, we can help you make the switch

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