Secure Remote Support

If your computer turns on, and has a working internet connection, we can investigate / resolve most software issues, and those “how to” questions using remote support.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high-volume of remote support scams doing the rounds, we have made a business decision to limit our Secure Remote Support service to our existing customers where you know the technician, and we have an established trust relationship with you through prior provision of service(s). We will never initiate a remote support session with you without consent, and our secure remote software is automatically removed on conclusion of the support session.

Remote support is charged on a time and materials basis at our standard business rates. We charge a minimum 30 minute for remote support, then in 15 minute increments for the duration of the session.

Need Remote Assistance?

If you’re an existing customer – give us a call, send a TXT, or an Email via our Contact Form, to request a remote support session – and once we agree a time we will send you a link to download / install our remote Remote Support application.

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