Recycling / Reconditioned Computers

By reconditioning computers we are doing our part to help minimise the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) which ends up in landfill. Like many people we are concerned about climate change and environmental decline, which is in no small part driven by our throw-away society.

The e-Waste problem

Electronic waste in landfill can lead to toxic substances like lead and mercury leaching into our soil and waterways, and valuable non-renewable resources such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, aluminium and cobalt being discarded.

Playing our part

In setting up a new computer, or repairing a failed computer, and where a customer elects to dispose of their old machine – if we see some potential to resurrect and extend the life of IT we may offer to dispose of / recycle it for FREE*.

* We cannot take everything. If your old computer could be re-purposed, or useful for parts, we may offer to recycle it for you. Otherwise we can make it safe and advise on responsible disposal – which is typically via the Thornleigh Community Recycling Centre OR Arnies Recon.

electronic waste

Reconditioned Computers

Nothing available at the moment, please check back again soon

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