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Are you concerned about your IT Security? Then its time to get an Security Review from Excalibur IT Solutions. We’re not just talking about anti-virus here, but having a broader strategy to help protect your data and reduce your online risks.

Many factors play a part in your online security. Most people are aware of the risk of viruses and malware, but there is also a persistent threat of online scams, phishing and hacking. Anyone who has been hacked, or scammed knows how traumatic it can be which is why we also offer a Scam Remediation Service. Whilst it is impossible to eliminate all risk, there are practical steps that can be taken to significantly reduce your risk or being scammed or hacked.

No question, the Internet is an invaluable resource. A treasure trove of information, entertainment, education, and more importantly it help keep us all connected. But it also has a very dark side. Excalibur IT can help secure your IT world, and guide you down a brighter, safer path.

Don’t leave IT to chance. Get a Security Review from Excalibur IT

What’s involved in a Security Review?

Our comprehensive review includes:

  • review of your modem / router configuration
  • ensuring your computer is up to date with the latest patches
  • internet security check
  • backup strategy
  • password hygiene review
  • general discussion of your online safety concerns, and tips / recommendations on how to stay safe
Why Choose Excalibur IT Solutions?

Experience matters! With over 35 years broad-ranging IT industry experience, Excalibur IT has been providing Computer Support and repair services for hundreds of homes and small business across the Hornsby shire since 2013. We make sense of IT for you, and offer a personalised, professional service with minimum jargon, and maximum service.


Is Your System Secure?

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We work with Homes and Small Business across the Hornsby Shire to identify / fix security vulnerabilities, and show you how to stay safe online

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