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Computer Repairs

Looking for Computer Repairs in the Hornsby, Asquith, Berowra, Mt Colah Area? Excalibur IT Solutions are your Local Computer Technicians. We can diagnose your computer problems and find the right solution(s) for you.

How long should a computer last?

As a general rule, computers last 3-5 years without intervention (sometimes way longer, sometimes much less). Generally, if your computer is more than five years old (2-3 years for laptops), and develops a physical fault or suffers serious accidental damage we recommend replacement. Particularly where the device has more than one major physical fault, or has been subject to a liquid spill.

Repair vs Support

Often people confuse computer repairs with support. So what is the difference? Repairs are typically required where there is physical damage to the device or a fault with one of the components. For laptops this is typically the result of accidental damage, wear and tear, or a defective part. Support is typically required when their are non-physical factors, such as software errors, disrupting your use of the computer.

Our Repair Services

We have always taken a pragmatic approach to computer repairs. When considering repair, device age, general condition, time to get parts, and cost all factor into the decision process. More often than not, we find repairs just do not make sense to our customers.

With the above in mind, from January 2024 we have made the decision to focus on our core service area: providing Home PC Support, and Small Business IT Support and Consulting Services across the Hornsby Shire. We still provide limited repair services for some of the more common problems, as outlined below, and comprehensive IT Support and Consulting Services.

Repair Available**Desktop PCLaptop**
Replace / Upgrade Hard Disk / SSDYesYes
Replace / Upgrade System Memory (RAM)YesYes
Replace / Update Graphics CardYesNo
Liquid Spills (limited to attempted Data Recovery Only)LimitedLimited
** Repairs are only available where there are no constraints such as soldered RAM / SSD, no liquid damage, and no physical / electrical damage to the unit.

A final note on repairs

If your computer is under warranty, we recommend that you leverage the manufacturer (or retailer) warranty for your repair. Otherwise, if you need a repair that we don’t cover under our limited repair service, you may find a computer shop can assist you with a repair.

If you decide not to proceed with repair, we are happy to assist in recovering your files (where possible). We can recommend and source a new computer for you, and setup your new computer.

Need Computer Support?

Let Excalibur IT Fix IT For You

If you live or work in the Hornsby Shire, Excalibur IT has Solutions for all your Computer Problems

Call 0420 524 885 or request a call back

electronic waste

We aim to keep as much electronic waste (e-waste) out of landfill as possible. If you plan to decommission your old computer, and we feel it may still have some life left in it as either parts or as a reconditioned unit, we may offer to recycle it for you for FREE – or provide advice on responsible disposal.

NOTE: We always remove / return your hard drive to you to protect your personal data.

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