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Need computer repairs? If you’re located in Hornsby, Asquith, Berowra, Mount Colah or the surrounding suburbs Excalibur IT Solutions are your Local Computer Technicians; providing Home Computer Support and Business IT Support Services across the Hornsby Shire. We can diagnose your computer problems and find the right solution for you.

Computer Repairs

We work with all major brands of Desktop computers including: Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and custom builds. We can help breath new life into your old / damaged desktop computer, and offer limited Laptop repairs as below:

Repair AvailableDesktopLaptop
Replace Hard Disk / SSDYesYes
Replace Memory (RAM)YesYes
Replace Failed Wireless Adapter
(Subject to Availability)
System Fan ReplacementYesYes
Replace Power SupplyYesYes
Replace Graphics CardYes
Liquid SpillsData Recovery
Data Recovery
Board Level Repairs
(e.g. Laptop Power Connector)
LAPTOP SPECIFIC REPAIRS (As below – Subject to availability)
Laptop Battery ReplacementYes
Laptop Hinge Repair/ReplacementNo
Laptop Screen ReplacementNo
Laptop Keyboard ReplacementNo
** All Repairs are subject to our Terms of Service

Is it worth repairing?

Does your computer need a repair? And is it worth repairing?

We take a pragmatic approach to computer repairs. Just because something can be repaired, doesn’t mean it should be. Where practical, and cost effective, we will always look to repair a device and minimise electronic waste, however if it does not make sense due to the age, condition, or cost of repairs then we will recommend replacement.

As a general rule, if your computer is more than five years old (two-three years for laptops), and has one or more major problems we recommend that you replace rather than repair the device. In which case we would be happy to assist in recovering your files (where possible) and setting up your new computer.

Before undertaking any repairs we perform a fixed-price system diagnostic (Current Pricing can be found on our Business or Residential service area pages), and we will recommend an appropriate solution for you.

NOTE: We do not offer tablet or mobile phone repairs

Need Computer Support?

Let Excalibur IT Fix IT For You

If you live or work in the Hornsby Shire, Excalibur IT has Solutions for all your Computer Problems

Call 0420 524 885 or request a call back

What to bring with you…

If you’re dropping your computer in with us for repair/upgrade:

For Desktop Computers the tower is usually sufficient (unless you have an external power supply in which case please bring that too).

For Laptops / All in One Devices please ensure you bring along your power supply and attach a post-it note or sticker with your password.

electronic waste

We aim to keep as much electronic waste (e-waste) out of landfill as possible. If you plan to decommission your old computer, and we feel it may still have some life left in it as either parts or as a reconditioned unit, we may offer to recycle it for you for FREE – or provide advice on responsible disposal.

NOTE: We always remove / return your hard drive to you to protect your data.

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