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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our answers to some of the Frequently asked Questions.  If you have a question about our services, that are not answered below, please call Tim on: 0420 524 885 or drop us an email: FAQ email

What are your business hours?

We work Monday – Friday (8am-6pm)

Please note that, for onsite support only, 5pm-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-12pm Saturday are considered Extended Business Hours. 

Why do you charge a one-hour minimum?

Our one-hour minimum enables us to keep costs down, not charge you a callout fee, and deliver the best value service.

Some competitors charge a fixed rate for repairs, why don't you?

Fixed Price repairs are often a marketing trick to try and secure your business. Frequently, you will find that businesses charging a Flat Rate for repairs may exclude certain types of repairs, or your particular problem may not qualify for their Flat Rate.  Often, businesses offering a Flat Rate make their money back, by charging a premium for parts which can be more than 200-300% of the actual cost of the part(s).  You may also be told you need to replace components that do not require replacement. 

We're honest and up-front with our charges. The reality is that some repairs take longer than others. If you do need parts, our aim is to secure them at the best possible price, and charge a realistic and fair cost for carrying out your repair and upgrade work. Unless carrying out an upgrade, at your request, we will only replace parts that absolutely have to be replaced, and only after consulting with you.

Do you charge more for same-day service?

No. There is no extra charge for Same-day Service.  

We're a small business providing a personal and professional service to our Home and Small Business customers - and if we can get to you the same-day, we will.

What happens if my repair takes more than an hour?

We will usually know within the first 30 minutes and once the situation is clear we will let you know your options, so you can then decide how you want to proceed.

What happens if my repair takes less than an hour?

A lot of problems can be solved in under an hour, and we encourage our customers to make use of any remaining time. Talk to your Technician.

What if my computer is broken?

As part of our Computer Repair Service, your machine will be diagnosed. If we determine that your PC or Laptop cannot be repaired, cost-effectively, you will be given options as to how you want to proceed.

Our aim is to provide you with best value service. Most of the time computers can be repaired, however, sometimes the cost of repairing your machine would be more than replacing it. In this case, we may recommend that you replace the computer, which we can optionally source or Build a New Computer for you.

If we find that your computer is beyond repair, you can utilise the remainder of the technician's time to back up your data. Once you have your new machine, our technician can return to transfer your data to the new machine and get you up and running again.



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