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Many families store their precious memories on computer and the threat to data security is growing at an unprecedented rate.  Statistics from show the number of unique malware programs detected globally has increased exponentially from 32,000 daily in 2009 to approximately 400,000 per day in 2015.

What is Malware?

Malware, or malicious software, is a catch-all term for programs designed to damage and disrupt computer operation, steal sensitive information or gain unauthorised access to computers.  Examples of Malware include: Computer Viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware and scareware.

Make no mistake, Malware is a significant threat to your personal data and valuable memories including: photographs, homes videos, documents, spreadsheets, music, media libraries and games.  In addition, many people use their home computers for on-line banking / purchases which, if you do not have robust protection puts your credit cards, and bank accounts at risk.  Cyber criminals are getting smarter and more dogged in their attempts to access personal data.  If you use a computer on-line and do not have robust, and correctly configured, Internet Security your personal information and data is at risk. 

Protecting your Data

You need an integrated approach to your home computer security which combines safe practices with robust Internet Security and a tried and tested backup solution.  Data loss for the home is no less traumatic, than for many business owners.  Losing precious family memories to a Malware infection, or having your personally identifiable information compromised can be devastating.

Tips to Safeguard your Data

  1. Ensure you keep your system up to date with the latest security patches
  2. Do not use an Administrative account for your day-to-day computer activities
  3. Establish a reliable backup strategy, and test it to ensure that your important files are recoverable
  4. Select a robust Internet Security suite, and ensure it is properly configured
  5. Do not save passwords in the browser
  6. Steer clear of file sharing sites
  7. Do not open Emails / Email attachments from people you do not know (Just delete them)

For more ways to stay safe on-line, check out our Blog Post - Stay Safe Online: 10 Tips to Minimise the Risk of Malware

protect family

Protecting your Family

Whilst the Internet provides a wealth of valuable information, education, entertainment and social opportunities for your family there is a darker side to the web. Exposure to pornography, drugs, gambling, gratuitous violence, crude humour are an increasing concern for parents.  There are steps you can take to protect young minds.

We recommend, and can install for you Internet Security software with an inbuilt family filter. Family filters have come a long way and offer a robust way to shield your children from undesirable content whilst on-line, so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you have done everything possible to protect your children.  


3 Ways to Keep your Family safe online

  1. Keep your computer in a central location, visible from the main living space
  2. Use Child Accounts to establish a computer curfew, and / or set limits on access at certain times of the day/night
  3. Take advantage of Integrated Security Suites that provide content controls

Protect IT with Excalibur IT

Not all Internet Security products are created equal.  Some offer basic Antivirus, others come bundled with an integrated Firewall and others still provide vulnerability scanners, site advisors and PC optimisation.  Most good Antivirus products offer a combined signature / heuristic analysis to protect against both known and unknown threats.  

Many homes rely on FREE Internet Security products believing they're good enough.  Unfortunately, when it comes to security there is no such thing as good enough.  Internet Security requires you to be pro-active and select the right solution for your circumstances.

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