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Recover hidden treasures from your old computer with Data Recovery from Excalibur IT


If you’re computer has failed and you need help recovering your precious data you’re in the right place.

We are experienced in data recovery and, barring a major physical failure of the disk, can usually recover some if not all of your data.

Every home and business should have a reliable tested, backup. Your backup is your first port of call if you suffer a catastrophic system failure. And it is often your best way of recovering those essential files. But what if you don’t have one?

Data Recovery: When disaster strikes…

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes.  Anyone who has lost a computer, suffered a hard drive failure, or been hit by a Virus or Ransomware attack, knows that moment of panic and realisation that, without a backup, the possibility of recovering their important data may be all but gone. 

If your computer fails, backups are your first port of call when it comes to restoring your important data. But if you don’t have a recent backup we may still be able to recover those important files.

Small Business Data Loss

Could your business still operate if you lost your Email, Customer data, Documents, Spreadsheets, accounts and inventory systems?  Unlikely.

Data-loss is a significant risk to business.  At best you’re looking at significant down-time, impacted revenue streams, costly recovery efforts, and customer satisfaction issues; and in the worst case scenarios it can result in the total collapse of your business.

Data loss for Home Users

Family photos, home video’s, Email, school reports, digital music and movie collections, games, and documents are all at risk if you do not have a robust strategy in place to protect yourself.  Should the worst happen, if you don’t have a recent and reliable backup then you could lose some, or all, of your important files. 

Backup Advice

Computers fail – it is a fact of life.  The average life-span of a laptop computer is just 3-5 years. Whether you suffer a: manufacturing defect, power surge, accidental drop, or expose your computer to liquid, your computer can be rendered inoperable, and your data potentially unrecoverable. Data Recovery should always be a last resort, there is no substitute for a tried and tested backup.

Disasters do not discriminate and, there is no sugar coating it – if you do not have a backup your information is at risk. 

A reliable backup is your safety net and the only real way to protect yourself, or your business, against data-loss. 

Excalibur IT Solutions provides advice on appropriate backup solutions for you, and can configure it for you, to ensure your valuable data is protected and that you can get back up and running in the shortest time possible should disaster strike – so talk to us today.