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frustrated with your computer? get a computer health check

PC slow, unpredictable, and frustrating?  It’s time to book a Computer Health Check

We all need a little TLC sometimes, and desktop and laptop computers are no different.

Many factors can impact your PC performance, including: configuration issues, bad drivers, system updates, start-up applications, malicious software, and undiagnosed hardware problems (memory, storage, overheating etc). And small things can make a huge difference.

A little pro-active maintenance, and a periodic system health check can keep things running smoothly.  

Hornsby Computer Health Check

If you are located in the Hornsby shire, or within our broader service area, we can assess your computer, troubleshoot some of those frustrating issues, and potentially head of a disaster – so talk to us today!

PC Health Check & Optimisation

We can help: recover wasted space, identify and resolve security issues, keep your system up to date, optimise your start-up, uncover hidden problems, and check the overall health of your computer. And if we discover any hardware problems or bottlenecks we can usually fix them too.

Hardware Check & Clean

Desktop computers require good airflow to keep them cool. Airflow brings with it dust and debris which can clog cooling fans. Clogged fans increase temperature, which impacts performance and stability.

If your computer is noisy, or overheating and unstable a deep clean may help prolong the life of your computer.

So, book a Health Check for your computer and let us find and fix those annoying problems for you