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Custom Computers & Buying Advice

Whether you are looking for advice on buying a laptop, or want us to build a new custom computer to meet your needs, buying a computer is a big investment.  You need to ensure the machine that your purchase is fit for purpose, and will give you a good 3-5 years of performance computing at a price that is right. 

Whether you’re buying for business, or home, we take the time to understand your requirements, and advise on the best configuration to meet your needs, and we can set it up for you for that pain free, out of the box experience. 

There is nothing more disappointing than buying a new computer only to find that it cannot run an application that you need, or the latest game that you want. So you need to make an informed decision to avoid feeling underwhelmed and frustrated with the result. And that is where we come in…

Advice on Buying a Laptop or Desktop Computer

Depending on your needs, an off-the-shelf computer may work fine for you. But, without experience, it is not always easy for people to select the right model and our customers frequently express their frustrations with retail establishments who push the latest specials, or the most expensive model, rather than taking to consider the customers needs.

If you’re prepared to invest a little time, we can advise you on an appropriate specification to meet your needs.

custom computer with water cooling

Custom Computer

If you are a gamer, or power user, you will want a system with a little more grunt than an off-the-shelf system can provide. And that is where our custom build rigs come in.

These rigs are built for gamers and those who demand a system with top-end graphics, RAM Packed, near silent running, performance optimised experience.

Choose your path

Everyone is an individual, and to get the best value from your computer purchase, you need to think about how you will use it.  Some people just want the best, and others may be prepared to trade off some performance and visual appeal, to balance the budget.

At Excalibur IT, we build computers that will put a smile on your dial.  We will build you a great machine that balances both your budget and performance needs