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STOP Living in the Past

STOP Living in the Past

Support for Windows XP officially ended in April 2014 and Windows Vista ends support in April 2017 but surprisingly there are still many people clinging to the past and running these outdated operating systems. February 2017 Statistics on indicate that globally a little over 9% of computers are still running one of these older operating systems (8.45% XP and 0.78% Vista) and from my experience as a local Technician, there are more than a few of these in the Hornsby shire.

There are many reasons that people may have elected to remain on these older systems, but typically it comes down to either: cash-flow, unwillingness to embrace change; or in the case of business - dependence on legacy applications.

So, if it is working for you why should you embrace the future? There are several compelling reasons which I will outline below:

Let's Talk Security

Running one of these obsolete operating systems presents a major security risk to you and your important data.Due to the lack of security updates, these older operating systems are more vulnerable and easier targets for the globally despised (i.e. hackers and those lovely individuals that engineer Viruses and malicious software); which is particularly worrying given that many people still don't have a reliable backup strategy.

If you value your data and system security, then an upgrade is essential.

Alone in the Dark

Do you enjoy the internet and your connected world?Maybe not for much longer!

A lot of websites are not available, or do not fully function, on older Internet Browsers.Both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome have long abandoned updates and security patches for these legacy operating systems, meaning that you either can't access some sites or may have limited functionality on them due to obsolete technologies; however, people managed to remain online for a time thanks to Firefox.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and Firefox has recently announced that it will stop providing security updates in September 2017; with an assessment to be made mid-year about finally dropping the curtain on these older operating systems.

Quite simply, if you're still running Windows XP or Vista you are running on borrowed time. So, if you have any need to remain connected (think Internet, Email etc.) then now is the time to think very seriously about upgrading your computer.

Go Faster Stripes

Unless you have installed one of these older operating systems on a newer computer chances are that your day-to-day computing experience is sluggish and slow.The reality is that modern computers and operating systems are more functionally rich and run significantly faster than their predecessors; and, even allowing some code inefficiencies, will provide you with a much better experience.

Embrace the Future

If you do decide to step into the light, there will undoubtedly be a learning curve, and you will most likely need to invest in a new copy of some key applications that you use.You may also face a few other challenges, like converting your Email, which can be a but tricky, if you don't know how.

Excalibur IT can help you select your new system, transfer your files and data, and help you learn the ropes on your new system.Even if you're running a business and dependent on a legacy application we may still be able to help; so give us a call today.


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