Online Safety: A Beginners Guide

Learning online safety is an essential life skill in our hyper-connected world. The internet is a vast roaming wilderness that provides infinite opportunities in the form of information/education, connectivity and productivity tools, shopping and entertainment options. It can equally be a very dark place, and expose you to unnecessary risks which can disrupt your computer, and put your personal information at risk.

Get Ready: Windows 11 is Coming

Change is inevitable and whilst Windows 10 was purportedly the last version of Windows 10, some six years later Microsoft announced today the release of Windows 11 which will be released later this year (before the holidays) – and it is promising some big changes…

Conquer Your Electronic Waste

electronic waste

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) is that mountain of old technology and consumables that accumulate in homes and businesses. We’re talking old Computers, Games Consoles, DVD Players, Video Recorders, Mobile Phones, Printers, cables etc.

They may be sat in cupboards, under your desk, or hidden in plain sight but in todays throw-away society can quickly get out of hand. If you are drowning in a sea of Electronic Waste, and need help – Read On.

Windows 7: The End of The Road


It’s the end of an era as Microsoft finally lowered the support curtain on Windows 7, from January 14 2020.  

As Operating Systems go, Windows 7 had a very good innings notching up 11 years of service but the baton has now been handed to Windows 10.

Technical Support Scams

technical support scams

Technical Support Scams are a multi-million-dollar industry and show no signs of going away. Every day innocent people are tricked into losing hundreds/thousands of dollars trying to resolve non-existent computer problems by these scammers.