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Backup and Data Recovery

How important is your data?  Homes and Business are equally vulnerable to data-loss, the impacts of which can be devastating.  

Disaster Recovery

Disasters come in all shapes and forms, but anyone who has suffered a hard drive failure, had a computer stolen or break down on them, or been hit by a Ransomware attack, has felt that moment of panic, followed by the realisation that, without a backup, the possibility of recovering their important data is all but gone.  

Manufacturing defects, power surges / brown outs, and physical handling issues (particularly with laptops), such as dropping or exposure to liquid, can render a hard drive inoperable and potentially unrecoverable; not to mention user errors like accidental formatting or bulk deletion of files are just some of the other ways your data is at risk.

In the event of a disaster, if you have a reliable backup, your data is generally recoverable; yet surprisingly, many small businesses and individuals are blasé about backups.  

The Risk of data loss for Small Business

Could your business still operate if you lost your Email, Customer data, Documents, Spreadsheets, accounts and inventory systems?  Unlikely.

Data-loss is a significant risk to most small business and should the worst happen, at best you're looking at significant down-time, impacted revenue streams, costly recovery efforts and customer satisfaction issues; and in the worst case scenarios it can result in the total collapse of your business.

The Risk of data loss for Home Users

Family photos, home video's, Email, school reports, digital music and movie collections, games, and documents are all at risk if you do not have a robust strategy in place to protect yourself.  Should the worst happen, if you don't have a recent and reliable backup then you could lose some, or all, of your important files. 

Technology is Vulnerable

Disasters do not discriminate and, there is no sugar coating it - if you don't have a backup your information is at risk. 

All technology including Desktop Computers, Laptops, All-in-ones, Servers, Apple MAC, Tablets and Smartphones have the potential to fail or fall foul of one or more of the disasters listed above


How can we help you?

When it comes to computers, by far, the best form of insurance against data-loss is a reliable and tested backup strategy.  

Protecting your data is not complex, but if you don't have a backup strategy in place, recovering your data after a disaster (if possible) can be both costly and complex.  Business or Domestic, getting ahead of the game and ensuring you have a reliable backup strategy in place is the best form of insurance. 


Excalibur IT Solutions can help:

  • Define a reliable backup strategy that is right for you, ensuring that your critical data, is protected and that systems are recoverable in the event of failure
  • Advise on better ways to store, and safeguard, your information
  • Assist with recovering your data


Whether you're operating a small business, or running a home computer, a reliable backup is your safety net and the only real way to protect yourself from data-loss.  Excalibur IT Solutions can provide advice on an appropriate backup solution, and configure it for you, to ensure your valuable data is protected, so talk to us today.



Data Recovery

We are experienced in data recovery and, barring a major physical failure of the disk, can usually recover some if not all of your data.

Hard Disk Failure

If you do not have a backup and your computer suffers a catastrophic failure, or other form of data-loss (with the possible exception of Ransomware infection), there may still be ways to recover your data.

Important: To ensure the best chance of recovery, we recommend that you stop using your computer immediately and contact Excalibur IT Solutions. 

For Data Recovery we charge an initial assessment fee of $150 inc GST, and then charge on a time-and-materials basis for recovery efforts after the first hour. 


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